A team event full of fun and competitive challenges is what to expect with our Bush Craft and Survival Project day. This event can be run form our Woodland base in Hampshire or brought to a venue of your choice. 

Bush Craft & Survival Challenges proposed Itinerary

0900   Arrival - Coffee and introductions with basic explanation of the day and the activities. 

The design of the day involves teams competing with one another to accomplish a number of bush craft and survival tasks.

The basics of survival involve keeping our bodies at the right temperature, and providing our bodies with enough water and also food.

When we know how to build shelter that will protect from the weather and if we can light a fire and drink healthy pure water we are providing the very basics for our existence.  Humans have had to find ways to do this over the wide range of conditions that we find on planet earth..

Teams are typically spolit into teams of 5/6 PAX.

Task 1    The shelter build 

Our instructor will provide an input into how to build a simple shelter that will provide adequate protection from the weather for up to ten people.  The team will then take the basic tools provided and forage what is necessary in the natural woodland and build a shelter.   

The shelters will then be reviewed and points awarded.

Task 2   Fire is the biggest tool man kind has ever discovered, it has enabled us to survive and thrive and make progress.  Pretty much every thing we touch with our fingers in in today's world has first been touched in some process by fire (heat).

Teams will be challenged to make a fire with primitive methods following a demonstration by our instructor.  Each team will be scored on their effectiveness at lighting a fire.   

The fire will then be used for several purposes and each will involve a task which will be discussed and scored on successful completion.

We would like each team to light two fires and each fire will carry a score

  • Fire 1  using a flint and steel to generate a spark
  • Fire 2  using a bow and spindle and hearth board

12.30    Lunch

Task 3   Purify Water & Cook Lunch - the fires will be used to purify water and make a cup of tea aswell as cook a simple bush craft meal using materials scavenged in the woodland.    

Task 4   Cave Art - the fires will be used to make charcoal that can be used to purify water and also artists quality materials that can be used to make a picture  ie cave art.

If the event is to be run in June this is a good time of year for stinging nettles which can be used to make effective cordage which is another great tool that enabled humans to make progress.   Each team will be expected to make a length of cordage of a quality that could tie a shelter together or make a trap or bow string or sew our clothes.

Our Bush Craft / Survival day format gives everyone a chance to take part in a variety of projects.

16.30    Day Concludes

Price quoted per person based on a full day event including Lunch and refreshments for a minimum of 20 participants.

Get in touch to discuss your team building requirments and and how we can tailor our bush craft/ survival day to meet your needs.