Our Woodland Challenges Team Building event is a fun team building event based in the middle of a wood set in open countryside about 8 miles from Basingstoke and Alton. Teams will be split into teams of 6-10 and rotate around a series of tasks. 

All of our Team Building events can be taiored to your specific requirements. Outlined below are some of the activities we use on this fun Team Away Day.

Bush Craft & Survival scenario the overall project requires the team to successfully complete a survival task that requires them to build a shelter (in which they could ultimately sleep (light a fire and cook a stew and mug of tea.

The teams will have to allocate roles to tasks and split up and work remotely before coming together at the finale. This task can take up to 2.5 hours.

This task requires strong elements of dependence on one another's contribution or inputs. 

Steeplechase This requires the team to split into two and to work on a common project from opposite ends. There is the opportunity to compete or to co-operate and share equipment.

Crossing the Minefield - This task does not always go smoothly. It requires people to listen to one another and there are a series of solutions that are only likely to emerge if they can do some joined up thinking.

Mohawk walk which requires the team to work together and creates dependence on one another.   This is a trust building task and delivers a shift in attitude and behaviour in terms of team working, communication and bonding.

The Web – teams will be given 15 minutes to plan and practice the strategy of getting everyone through the web without touching. At the close of the planning phase, the project will go critical and from this stage on no one may talk and the task will be completed in silence.

Any mistakes and the team have to start again with a two minute review to fix what did not work. The two minute review time is added on to the task time.

The parallel crossing. This involves blind folds for some, handcuffs for all and a bucket of water on a pole that has to be transported over a crossing balance logs and flo stumps. The task focuses on delivering the results and requires the team to look after one another. It debriefs quite neatly on John Adairs leadership model of focusing on the needs of Task Team and Individual.

High Ropes - a great task to finish the day on.  It allows participants to coach and motivate one another in a task / scenario on the ropes course.   For example: the scenario is to change the sails on a square rigger ship and this involves the team to climb on the ropes course and complete various elements. 

There is an element of taking them out of their comfort zone and requiring them to work on encouraging and motivating one another. This task always delivers a buzz and creates a strong shift in attitude and behaviour around seeking to getting the best from one another.

Proposed Itinerary 

09.30      Guest Arrival – Tea/ Coffee and biscuits

09.45      Briefing - Groups split into teams of 6-10 and rotate around a number of tasks

12.30      Lunch

13.30      Activities resume

17.00      Activities conclude

A minimum of 20 participants

Woodland Team Day typically includes:

  • Instructors/ equipment to complete the tasks above
  • High ropes / Build a shelter
  • 2 other activities – web/ parallel crossing etc.
  • Exclusive hire of the venue
  • Lunch
  • Hot & Cold drinks throughout the day
  • 12 degrees to organise and attend


  • Overnight Accommodation in shelters or Hotel