A sailing based event, run over a 1.5 or 2-day programme resulting in participants working better as a team. It can either start with a morning of classroom workshops before joining the yacht for an afternoon of sail training or guests can join for the evening.

The first evening is spent planning for the Marine Challenge, Dinner and overnight accommodation are on board the yacht.

On the second day, once the basics have been learnt followed by a practical session the participants undertake and complete their Challenge, where they will ultimately be in control of the yacht. In a de-brief they identify the lessons learnt from the experience.

Exciting, taxing and mentally demanding, this team activity will reveal the group's leaders, team players and communicators. (It is not always the boss in the office who will take control on the water!)

A high priority is placed on making all the team development directly transferable to the workplace and as a result case studies and simulations are incorporated whenever possible.

While the event is interactive, fun and engaging, and gives the delegates an opportunity to participate in sailing, the focus is on the lessons learnt and how these can be applied back in the workplace.