ZyXel Communications - Learning & Development Program

The 12 degrees team thoroughly enjoy running the programs at this centre and seeing the behavioural shift in teams throughout the 2 days. Some of the tasks do not always go smoothly and require people to listen to one another, if and when they work together they often find a solution! Team soon learn that assigning tasks to individuals alone will not deliver results - the team must support each other to succeed.

The Brief

A 2 day development program/event with overnight stay for 3 different divisions of the European Team.
10-12 participants per event.
Aim to gain a shift in the attitudes and behaviour of individuals and the team to get the best out of each other.
Help Managers who often sit in different countries to there team get the best out of them.

The Solution

We chose to run the event at a woodland venue approximately 45 mins from Heathrow and our client’s offices. Set in some 200 acres of Hampshire’s most beautiful woodland and yet within easy access of M3 motorway.
  The surroundings are conducive to bringing out the best in people and it is a great place to spend 2 days learning more about yourself and each other.
Insights Discovery is an ideal tool for this organisation as it uses a simple and accessible four colour model. It enables participants to understand themselves and others and uncover meaning in preferences and behaviour. Participants learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships.
Each Team where asked to complete an Insights profile prior to the event and a session was dedicated to reviewing personal and team profiles.

A series of woodland challenges were chosen to highlight particular areas of the business / challenges each team faced on a daily basis.


Individuals were able to gain a deep insight into themselves and their colleagues.
Teams learnt how to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective working relationships
Increased levels of self awareness & trust
The facilitated sessions enabled, open honest feedback from the group and a platform to devise a strategy to deal with these issues going forward.

Team collaboration and get the participants to start thinking and communicating as a team.
Individuals experiencing and getting involved, rather than passively receiving teaching/training