The Enigma Challenge is an all inclusive team building activity and ideal for groups of 20 to 5000, takng between 2 hours to 3 days, we create a series of secret agent challenges – this versatile format can include branding, icons and keys messages.  Perfect for hotels, conference centres and meeting rooms.

Some of the activities include code breaking, dodging the lasers, sniper shooting or negotiating the minefield - teams can be in competition, with scoring achieved by the award of the Spy Dollars. 

With problem solving skills, logistical, cerebral and physical challenges available, our expert facilitators can guide the teams through their missions and assess  common business objectives such as communication, team spirit and leadership.

  • 1/2 day choice of 8 activities
  • Full day choice of 16 activities
  • Cost priced per person - discounts available for larger groups see drop down menu.
  • Location - Milton Keynes (if you would like an alternative location please gte in touch for a quote

** Additional Costs: Venue Hire, Climbing Wall, Photoslide show shown at the end of the event and CD of images, Rocket Launch, Helicopter.

The Enigma Project can conclude with a screen projected photo presentation of the event, set to music from the spy classics, with prizes awarded to the winning team.

Enigma Project Activities

  • Axe throwing: After a short period of instruction, each agent will test their throwing skill using specially made axes, always under expert supervision.
  • Demolitions: Teams must connect a series of explosive charges using colour coded detonating cables – a complex mission against the clock!
  • Agents International: Teams test their knowledge by identifying the border outlines of nations, and flags and capitals from around the world.
  • Brief Case: Agents attempt to crack the code for a brief case, open it and the money inside is theirs! Hunt the Bug: Teams must use our specialist tracking equipment to locate the bugging devices around the chosen venue.
  • Safe-cracker: Only the best secret agents can crack a safe open under pressure. Teams will need to work fast to find the combinations and gain the spy dollars inside for their reward.
  • ** Climbing wall: 2 qualified staff will instruct and supervise agents as they test their physical dexterity in climbing our mobile tower. Up to 4 climbers can attempt routes of varying difficulty at once.
  • Sniper lane: Each agent shoots a lightweight sniper rifle with telescopic sight, requiring skill and patience to hit the target.
  • Agents in Disguise: Teams must get as many photos as possible from the list of disguises – gardener, cleaner, juggler, bank robber, and so on. With digital cameras and their imagination they’ll have 15 minutes to go under cover.
  • Minefield breach: Teams have to successfully negotiate their blindfolded colleagues through a minefield, is Teams have to successfully negotiate their blindfolded colleagues through a minefield, is there enough trust for your colleagues to do this successfully, and with accurate and clear communication?!
  • Laser challenge: Can you avoid the laser alarm systems as you stealthily cross the room and collect the reward for your efforts? Can you then get away without breaking the beams as the clock ticks away?
  • Mortar Attack: You have all the pieces, but this is no flat pack and no instructions.  Can you build the mortar and fire the furthest to gain the biggest reward?
  • Car Chase: Use your skills to drive the remote control vehicles around the circuit, as a secret agent it will be vital for your team to be able to handle vehicles with a light touch and control them with ease and style!
  • Target shooting: Using pistols or sub-machine guns, agents show mental agility and skill to shoot targets under close safety supervision.
  • Code breaking: A 15 minute challenge where agents decipher a series of cryptic clues to work out the correct sequence of wires to disconnect on an electronibomb. Tension builds as the agents work against the digital clock and its relentless ticking.
  • Radiation: Teams must work together to move unstable radioactive fuel rods into liquid nitrogen containers. Protective clothing and handling tongs will be provided and there will be strict time limits set for exposure to the radiation!
  • I.D Parade: Teams test their recognition and memory skills naming a portfolio of movie stars from all the action movies.
  • Photo-fit: Having witnessed enemy agents caught on CCTV, teams must re-create their images using facial photo-fit techniques.
  • Dead Letter Box: A lateral thinking problem that creates lots of discussion and ideas, where teams use equipment to solve a sequential puzzle and retrieve a locked cash box left by a friendly agent
  • **Airborne surveillance: Spy from the sky in a sleek and fast jet-ranger helicopter. Your mission is to spot enemy agents and report back to HQ using UHF radios; this will add adrenaline to any event.
  • ** Rocket Launch: Teams must construct and launch a solid fuel rocket – this is an impressive challenge, with the rocket streaming a smoke trail up to 500ft into the air and travelling at over 100mph!
  • Pistol Draw: Using the secret agents weapon of choice, the pistol, the team undergo training in how to properly hold the pistol for firing at targets. The next step is to improve the speed of the draw, ready to fire the weapon, culminating in a fastest draw competition to find the fastest draw in the group!
  • What, Where, When: An asset to any secret agent is the ability to recall events, their timing and location. A general knowledge challenge that will provoke discussion and much head scratching in their aim for reward for each correct answer.
  • Pulse Ranger Combat: Teams battle it out using our Pulse Ranger Weapons system, our infa-red weapons offer all the fun of paint-balling, but without the bruises!! Winning team takes the cash!!
  • Stage Fighting: Learn how to fight like the stunt-men and throw a punch or a kick without actually hitting anyone, then be rewarded for how realistic your fight sequence is. Next stop Hollywood!
  • Casino Royale: Gamble your hard earned Spy Dollars on the roulette wheel, we will give you some chips to gamble with, you keep the winnings, but will you buy more and speculate to accumulate?
  • Usual Suspects: One of our agents has been murdered, as we always investigate crimes against us, it’s the job of the team to establish the murderer and be rewarded accordingly, one thing is for sure, this time, the butler did not do it!
  • Thunderball: The explosive charge must be transported as slowly and carefully as possible for a controlled explosion.  More dollars are available for the extra twists and turns.