Be "forensically challenged" and learn the REAL CSI techniques using authentic equipment currently used by both the British and American police forces. Learn about blood spatter interpretation, footwear,fingerprints and forensic medicine.

Teams take part in realistic investigations and to be successful they need to:

  • Communicate discoveries between team members
  • Develop a team structure and routine to foster team insight, learning and trust
  • Develop effective team planning incorporating the skills, talents and aspirations of team members
  • Develop methodical methods of investigation
  • Effectively use critical analysis and decision making skills Learn to collaborate with other teams within an organisation
  • The end goal is to provide prosecutors with the evidence they need to obtain a conviction by establishing motive, means and opportunity.

Crime Scene Challenge Packages typically include:

  • Equipment including crime scene suits, overshoes, masks and gloves.
  • Incident board, camera, and evidence
  • Lead Investigator
  • Prizes

Crime Scene Challenge Package Excludes:

  • Food & Drink throughout the day
  • Venue is not included but we can advise on a suitable location befitting the real life crime you will be investigating!
  • Available throughout the UK.