Compare the Market Exec - Team Event

“Thank you for a fantastic on the water experience, we all thoroughly enjoyed our time with the 12 degrees team in the Solent. The environment and atmosphere provided a great place to start and nurture new working relationships and we certainly had a lot of fun in the process.” - HR Director

The Brief

Activity suitable for 6 – 7 participants
New Team so turbo charging their journey
Combination of being stretched as well as having time to relax and get to know each other a bit better
1 or 2 days
Have some fun

The Solution

A 1.5 day Marine Team Effectiveness Challenge, which is a sailing based event, with a high priority being placed on making all the team development directly transferable to the workplace.
Exciting, taxing and mentally demanding, this team activity reveals the group's leaders, team players and communicators.

While the event is interactive, fun and engaging, and gives the delegates an opportunity to participate in sailing, the focus is on the lessons learnt and how these can be applied back in the workplace.

The first afternoon is spent learning the basics, the first evening planning for the Marine Effectiveness Challenge, with BBQ and overnight accommodation provided in a crew house in Cowes.
On day 2 the group, refine their skills in the morning before undertaking and completing their Challenge, where they are ultimately in charge of the yacht.

12 Degrees

Chartered a yacht on the Solent with Skipper and Mate
Team building facilitator to conduct pre event briefings and feedback sessions
  Crew House Accommodation in Cowes
Catering-refreshments throughout the 1.5 days including a post training BBQ on Day 1
Overnight accommodation & Dinner in Farnborough following the event