Looking to stand out and be different? You’d be hard-pressed to find something more satisfying, barrier-breaking and enjoyable than cooking something amazing, new and delicious, and then sitting together and enjoying sharing it. 

Very different and much more intimate than normal corporate hospitality events.

We can tailor the occasion to your exact requirements, always with the goal of providing an outstanding experience that will be remembered positively by your clients for many years to come, and support you in building and cementing long term business relationships.

We have a range of venues available within London and the Home Counties.  Subject to available facilities, we can also run our events at your premises.

Our corporate hospitality cookery events work very well for a one or half-day event or as part of an existing event program. e.g: Client  Entertainment; Sales Incentive; Team Away Day or Managment Away Day.

We have a variety of challenges that are designed to work with our clients’ requirements, timescales and budget. Challenges can be tailored to suit certain occupations or client interests.

The menu for the event can be selected by the client and is usually cuisine from around the world, for example Thai, Indian, Spanish etc…

Working in small groups, each person is responsible for a component part of a meal which they must put together as a team. The guests will cook their component parts and then host their own private dinner.