Animate & Create Workshops provide an opportuntity for businesses and organisations to re-discover the joys of plasticine and animation.

Animation Team Building is an interactive, and engaging event that takes clients through the film making process of stop motion animation! Allows a team to become a film crew for the day building skills in confidence, communication and co-operation.

Animation can be made just for fun or a feature for the company website/ team-values. Teams can either work to a brief or can come with their own idea.

So, why not look into a Team Building Activity that is completely customisable and bespoke to each delegate?

We offer an array of packages that can are completely mobile and can be brought to any location!

Lego Animation Team Building

Together People Can Build Amazing Things

  • Could your company benefit from a galvanizing experience?
  • Does your team ever get a chance to express themselves openly?
  • Want to have fun?
  • These highly interactive sessions are structured to inspire and develop attendees to think creatively, reason systematically and in turn release their potential - building blocks for the future if you will.

Encourage Collaboration and Enhance Innovation - Building with LEGO™ is a social activity that helps develop the kind of creativity and collaborative problem solving that can lead to new discoveries.

The Principles of LEGO Apply to Business - The disciplines involved with LEGO™ (designing, building, improving, taking apart and repeating) mirror business development and product life cycles.

Reconnect Your Childlike Curiosity and Imagination - Play reduces inhibition and helps facilitate connections between people. With so little time available in the workplace, the opportunities to connect are invaluable.

Accessible to Anyone and Everyone - Anyone can pick up a LEGO™ brick. Anyone can put it on top of another. Everyone can enjoy the experience.

  • Write script from a brief.
  • 1000s of LEGO™ bricks provided
  • Group creates sets together
  • Easy to use animation kit
  • Make the next hit LEGO™ movie
  • Watch back groups' achievements

We work with your objectives to deliver a fun-filled tailored package.

Stop Motion - Animation Workshops

Bring your team and/or clients together for:

  • Empowering Business Storytelling
  • Drive teams forward and make business ventures prosper
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Unlock your team’s potential
  • Bringing Values, Ethos and Strategy to Life
  • Get back to basics and turn the intangible into the tangible
  • An Original, Memorable and Inspiring Experience
  • Fun and on trend team building which can actually make a difference to your team.

Delegates set themselves individual and team responsibilities which are always evolving.

  1. Set a Brief - We work with your objectives to set a challenge for your team or you can choose one from our pre-made themes
  1. Write Your Film Script - You'll use your imagination and work together to come up with an amazing idea for your group’s film.
  1. Make a Model - Next up we get the plasticine or lego out! Each person will get to make a model for the film and with the help of animation professionals giving tips of the trade.
  1. Get Animating - Stop-motion animation requires observational, storytelling and timing skills. You'll need to collaborate as a team to craft your film. Capturing your movie is just like taking a number of photographs and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve in just a short time.
  1. The Big Premiere - A member of each team will present their group’s film, before they are all projected onto the big screen for everyone to see the end result.
  1. Share the Experience - Once the session is over, everyone gets to take their Plasticine characters home and we’ll send you the film afterwards to share internally or online.

Workshops : From 2-6 hours

Number of Participants: 20-140 PAX


Facts are better seen than explained. Animation transforms a message, making it easy to understand and visualise.


  • A memorable and rich experience that impacts the bottom line.
  • Breaks down barriers and creates new dynamic teams.
  • Connects your team with company strategy.
  • Reinforces your company culture.
  • Brings departments together.
  • Increases productivity.
  • We work with your objectives to deliver a fun-filled tailored package.
  • We work internationally.
  • We work with large scale organisations.
  • We work with creative and non-creative organisations.
  • All tools and materials are provided.